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Paparazzi Studios is a full service company that can produce, shoot, retouch and manage your photography project all in one. We are dedicated to putting the "professional" back in professional photography.


We can work through our studio in Liverpool and on location around the area.

We do not specialize in one type of photography but in all types. Take a look at our portfolio of photographs on this website to see the vast array of different jobs we shoot. For example:


    Commercial, Fashion, Corporate, Marketing/PR, Advertising, Product/venue, Events, Portraits, Weddings


What is full-service photography?


It means that we offer service from concept to final product and everything in-between for all types of photography. We can be as hands on as you need, or as hands off as you like. With our team of professionals we can produce your shoot, retouch and have it ready for print. We can also manage your digital image catalogue and help distribute content to your clients with a professional web gallery. Think of Paparazzi Studios as your company's personal photo department.

This is the backbone to Paparazzi Studio’s business model. We are committed to change the way the business of photography is done.


Give us a call / drop us an email to talk more about what we can do for you or your company. 


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